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This half term in Nursery, our main focus will be settling the pupils into a regular routine and encouraging them to become independent learners and individuals.

Our topic is Marvellous Me! and our focus Power of Reading book is ‘Stick Man’. This story is about an anthropomorphic wooden stick who becomes separated from his family home and his Odyssey-like adventure to return there.

In Literacy, pupils will be given the opportunity to talk about what they like and share their family lives with their peers. They will find out about similarities between themselves and others. This will lead to drawing pictures of themselves, their family and their pets and learning new vocabulary to describe what they have created. In addition to this, the pupils will learn to identify and name the feelings and emotions they can experience on any day.

We will begin with a focus on listening skills and sound-making. Pupils will begin to distinguish between sounds such as environmental, instrumental and vocal sounds. They will then progress on to oral blending and segmenting speech.

Pupils will begin to recognise their own name. They will be encouraged to mark make using a variety of media such as pencils, paint and sensory writing bags and begin to represent letters.

The role-play area in Nursery will be a ‘Doctor’s Surgery’ where pupils will have the opportunity to act out a real life experience. They will take on the role of a doctor or a nurse and treat patients. Through our role-play area outside, pupils will further their knowledge with a ‘Campsite’ where they will learn new vocabulary and develop their mark making skills when drawing pictures and filling in forms.

In Mathematics, pupils will become familiar with numbers and counting.  They will practise these skills through everyday experiences, such as counting toys or blocks. We will be using number rhymes and songs to support their learning and we will be providing pupils will lots of practical opportunities to embed these skills.

As part of Understanding The World and through our topic, Marvellous Me!, pupils will learn about similarities and differences between themselves and others and they will have the opportunity to discuss different ways they should look after themselves such as doing exercise or talking to others about how they are feeling. 

As part of Expressive Arts and Design, pupils will use cardboard boxes to make houses and assorted media to make their own binoculars to look for trees in the nature garden.

We look forward to lots of exciting learning opportunities ahead!

We Love School!