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Reception: Red and Blue



This term in Reception our focus Power of Reading book will be ‘What the Ladybird Heard.’ In this story, set on a farm with noisy farmyard animals, is a quiet ladybird that tries to save the day. She overhears two burglars planning to steal the farmer’s prize winning cow. The ladybird makes a plan that involves all her farmyard friends. Can she stop the bad men before they steal the cow?


Through Literacy lessons, pupils will focus on newspaper reports. They will learn how to write a report following the robbery at the farm in the story. They will also create ‘Wanted Posters’ for the burglars, including a character description. Reception pupils will also learn to write speech and thought bubbles, recording what the characters might be saying or thinking at different points throughout the story. They will also be encouraged to write setting descriptions of the farm, thinking about what they would see, hear and smell.


In Numeracy, pupils will explore adding, focusing on adding two single digit numbers, such as two prices in the role-play shop area. They will continue to develop their understanding of counting and number through learning how to make tally charts. In the Police Station role-play corner, pupils will keep tally records of the ‘crimes’ committed and learn how to interpret the data they have collected. Through our Numeracy lessons, pupils will also explore time, learning how to read the time with an emphasis on ‘o’clock.’ They will further explore money using coins ranging from 1p to 10p and begin to use these coins when ‘buying’ items in the indoor and outdoor role-play areas.


Through the book ‘What the Ladybird Heard,’ pupils will explore the topic ‘On the Farm’ exploring where our different foods come from.  They will also learn about the job roles of different people and why they are important members of our community. Pupils will make booklets about different peoples’ jobs, including what they do and how they help us. They will further their knowledge in relation to police men and women through the Police Station role-play corner, learning how a police station works and why pupils need the police. Pupils will apply their skills in both Numeracy and Literacy through the Police Station and the Post Office. They will write letters and learn how to post them, including learning how to wrap parcels.


Reception pupils will continue to have PE every Friday morning this term and it is essential that pupils wear their PE kit to school ready for their morning lesson. This term, pupils are focusing on fastening buttons independently and turning their clothes the right way around. Please support this at home to help develop independence further.


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