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Year 4: Jasper and Emerald

Year 4


Welcome back! This half term, Year 4’s Power Of Reading book will be ‘The Adventures of Odysseus’. This book is a retelling of Homer’s poem, ‘The Odyssey’. It tells the story of Odysseus’s return home to Ithaca from fighting in the Trojan wars. This book will be used to support learning across the curriculum.


In maths, pupils will focus on solving practical problems that involve measure with increasingly harder numbers. In addition, pupils will solve challenging problems involving multiplying and adding, including integer scaling problems and harder correspondence problems. Pupils will study how to calculate area and perimeter of different shapes, and answer word problems relating to this skill.  Furthermore, pupils will then estimate, compare and calculate different measures, including money in pounds and pence.


Pupils will go back to Ancient Greece, studying Greek life and their greatest achievements. They will also look into the influence this ancient civilisation has had on the western world, make contrasts and connections in the world today, such as the modern Olympics compared to the ancient Olympics. Pupils will also use a range of historical resources to find evidence to find the answers to any questions they may have about this fascinating civilisation.


In English, pupils will focus on using fronted adverbials accurately. They will understand the different types of fronted adverbials and the effect of each on their writing. Pupils will use this knowledge to apply to their work across the curriculum, selecting the appropriate fronted adverbial type where necessary. They will then then use their new skills to write their own Greek myth as well as applying their skills to writing across the curriculum.


Pupils will get to expand their art skills by looking at the famous Greek potter, Exekias, taking inspiration from his designs to create their own item of pottery. They will plan the design of the pottery item and revisit the design to make improvements. When creating the pot, pupils will be expected to use specific techniques taught for shaping the clay. Finally, pupils will compare their design to the final product and consider changes they could make to enhance their designs in the future.


In PSHE, pupils will look at how they can manage their feelings.  They will discuss the importance of expressing feelings, how these can be expressed in different ways and how everyday things can affect feelings.  Pupils will then study how feelings change over time and can be experienced at different levels of intensity and look how to access advice and support to help manage their own or others’ feelings.

Furthering their computing knowledge, pupils will study spreadsheets using different programs on Purple Mash.  They will have the opportunity to create spreadsheets and learn how to use them to find and analyse information.


In Spanish, pupils will study family and look at family trees.  Pupils will learn the Spanish terms for different family members and use vocabulary be able to describe them accurately.


For RE, pupils will investigate Humanism and what it means. Pupils will compare Humanism to other organised religions and debate if it is the same as a religion or different.


PE for Year 4 continues to be held on a Wednesday from the second week of term (11th January), with Emerald Class still swimming up until February half term and Jasper Class participating in PE lessons. Pupils must come to school dressed in the correct PE kit on these days, bringing swimming kit if they are in Emerald Class.

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

All Year 4 pupils will sit the Multiplication Tables Check which will be administered in the two week period from 5th June 2023.

There will be a workshop for parents and carers in the Spring Term to give information about the Multiplication Tables Check, however if you would like further information in advance of this, please see https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1116420/2023_Information_for_parents_Multiplication_tables_check_Nov_22_PDFA.pdf