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Wow Work Of The Week Archive: 2016 - 2017

Alex, in Year 6, wrote a diary entry based on the book The Other Side Of Truth.

In Year 6, Jamilia wrote an explanation text all about The Water Cycle.

Callum, in Year 6, wrote a fantastic story with a moral.

In Year 6, Maddison added and subtracted fractions with different denominators.

Leanna, in Year 6, carried out a fair test and explained her findings.

In Year 6, Sambridi visualised and described the properties of 2D shapes.

Zara, in Year 6, produced a non-chronological report using a range of stylistic devices.

Navya, in Year 6, wrote a non-chronological report about the African jungle.

Sambridi & Agrima, in Year 6, researched the causes and effects of global warming.

In Year 6, Chaeli produced an explanation text about how light travels.

In Year 5, Gavin explained reasons why an invention is important, even when it hasn't been fully completed.

In Year 5, Harish interpretted line graphs and data tables.

In Year 5, Matthew wrote a biography about Ruth Benerito.

Olivier, in Year 5, investigated the solar system.

In Year 5, Aminah produced a non-chronological report about climate change.

In Year 4, Elma wrote a set of instructions about how to create an electric circuit.

Yammi, in Year 4, wrote a biography about Alfred the Great.

In Year 4, Nikola wrote a report about the Anglo Saxons.

In Year 4, Apoorv wrote a narrative poem about Goldilocks and the three bears.

In Year 4, Arber wrote instructions on how to make an electrical circuit.

Hafsa, in Year 4, described her understanding of shape translation.

Naomi, in Year 4, explored the impact of Alfred the Great on British history.

In Year 4, Rebecca explained her understanding of shape translation.

In Year 4, Elma wrote instructions on how to create a circuit.

In Year 3, Estere used 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols to compare lengths.

Liam, in Year 3, added money using column addition.

In Year 3, Thisumi subtracted money using column subtraction.

In Year 3, Daniel explained how to add fractions with the same denominator.

Ogo, in Year 3, located countries and counties within the UK.

In Year 3, Sarah compared different highland areas of the UK.

Prabina, in Year 3, explained all about starch, fibre and sugar.

In Year 3, David understood what constitutes a balanced diet.

Tori, in Year 3, explained all about sugar, starch and fibre.

In Year 3, Emily wrote a fantasy story using adverbial phrases.

Faariha, in Year 3, wrote a biography about JK Rowling.

Justin, in Year 3, wrote an engaging biography about Sir Edmund Hillary.

Lexi, in Year 2, wrote a letter using varied conjunctions.

In Year 2, Kai explained his understanding of the continents.

In Year 2, Oliwier created an excellent toy advert.

In Year 2, Thomas described the importance of a balanced diet.

Elena, in Year 2, located the seven continents on a world map.

Alex, in Year 2, recognised 2D & 3D shapes and described their properties.

In Year 1, Persia used story language in a paragraph.

Kallum explained the differences between the four seasons.

In Year 1, Samuel understood how weather changes in different seasons.

In Year 1, Mattew subtracted one-digit and two-digit numbers.

Yuku, in Year 1, used adjectives to write a persuasive letter.

In Year 1, Rickh explained the differences between the seasons.

Kofi, in Year 1, used varied punctuation in a story.

In Year 1, Gonza wrote an interesting adventure story.

Lenya, in Year 1, explained the differences between the seasons.

In Year 1, Mahad used language relating to the days of the week.

In Reception, Vanessa and Alexander wrote a character description of Jack.

In Nursery, Analeise, Phoenix, Frank, Ardra and Hania described a fictitious character.

In Nursery, Rayyan was able to write the word 'mam.'

In Nursery, Kenechukwu wrote the number 1 in the airport role play area.

Phoenix, in Nursery, identified initial sounds of African animals.

In Nursery, Maja was able to count 8 pom poms.

In Nursery, Jessie-Maye used her phonic knowledge to write 'yam.'

Daniel in Year 6 wrote a well structured persuasive text using a range of arguments to project a point of view.

In Year 6 Jamilia wrote an excellent explanation text all about The Water Cycle using scientific language and a range of punctuation to convey facts.

Kai wrote a short story with vivid descriptive language and high level punctuation.

Chen, in Year 5, worked on presenting data in bar and line graphs.

Jomima wrote a biography on the life of Ruth Benerito who invented wrinkle free cotton.

In Year 5, Aarush looked at the definition and causes of climate change.

Bartosz in Year 4 used two lines of symmetry to create Zimbabwean symmetrical patterns.

In Year 4, Yammi researched wedding traditions and compared and created Zimbabwean and British wedding dresses.

During Creative Week, Bartosz and Bumena created newspaper reports about the marriage of 'The Great King' and Nyasha.

In Science, Amanda sorted animals into groups based on their diet.

Liam in Year 3 used a methodical approach to solving a multi-step mathematical problem.

In Year 3, David wrote an outstanding biography about Roald Dahl.

Ruwaida applied her reasoning skills to learning about continents - to explain why some people believe there are only six of them.

Hajera in Year 2 was able to recall facts and infer information from a poem.

Haters, in Year 2, used geographical language to compare the different continents.

In Year 2, Adrianna was able to use a world map to confidently identify the world's seven continents.

During Science in Year 1, Zackariyah was able to explain the differences between winter and spring use accurate vocabulary.

In Year 1 Literacy, Rio was able to use chronological order to sequence events correctly.

In Year 1 Maths, Max was able to count in sequences of 2s, 5s and 10s using a hundred square.

Zara and Hasinah in Year 6 wrote refrain poems inspired by the book, 'The other side of truth.'

Nana in Year 5 explored angles and their relationship with different shapes.

During a Year 4 maths lesson about time, Elmer demonstrated her reasoning skills.

In Year 4, Dean wrote a brilliant explanation text about the snow leopard.

In a Year 3 Humanities lesson, Thisumi explained the significance of the pharaoh's costume.

Tia in Year 3 wrote a logically sequenced story paragraph.

In Year 3, Anin Dita explained why she is able to add fractions with the same denominator.

Mia, in a Year 1 Science lesson, investigated and compared materials.

In Year 1, Aela was able to describe the purpose of different aeroplanes and how they have changed over time.

Belkisa in Year 1 has learned how to group when multiplying.

Taila in Year 6 showed excellent understanding of algebra during maths revision.

During Year 5 Maths, Martyna understood how to estimate and calculate volume.

Rokas in Year 5 has written a historical fiction story and identified properties of everyday materials.

Mia in Year 4 has understood how to find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.

In Year 4, Aporrv has worked hard to learn the features of a balanced argument.

Nikola in Year 4 has shown a great understanding of the Benin civilisation.

In Year 3, Yasmin wrote her own fabulous fable.

Sarah in Year 3 researched the importance of the pharaoh in Ancient Egypt.

During Year 3 Maths, Melissa showed confidence using a formal written method for multiplication.

In Year 1 Maths, Alex has been using key vocabulary whilst learning about mass and weight.

Tanya, in Year 1, identified the features and wrote her own outstanding explanation text.

In Year 1 Science, Matthew worked hard learning about materials and investigating the properties of plastic.

In Year 5, Rokas, Aminah, Morgan and Aarush all put in a big effort with their Flat Stanley homework.

Elsie-June, Aakif, Hafsa and Elisa in Year 4 showed their creativity with their Flat Stanley homework.

Daniel and Amanda in Year 3 took Flat Stanley on their Easter holiday travels.

In Year 1, Aela, Megan, Nicole and Zayn produced brilliant Flat Stanley homework.

Havana in a Year 4 Science lesson researched and described the food chain at the North Pole.

Elisa in a Year 4 Humanities lesson identified the positive and negative effects of immigration.

In Year 3, Ronny worked very hard to write an explanation text about how the Roman Empire was so successful.

Mark, in Year 3 Maths, used mental calculation to add ones, tens and hundreds to 3 digit numbers.

In Year 3 Science, Charlie wrote about the human body and grouped animals based on their skeleton type.

Isaiah is Year 3 understood the different groups of people that existed in Roman society.

In Year 2, Oliwier wrote a reply to Goldilocks using features of a personal letter.

Ella in Year 2 has been identifying features of a personal letter.

Ananya and Oby in Reception wrote a wanted poster for the Giant.

In Reception, Vanessa and Alexander wrote a character description of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Jomima in Year 5 has explained how gravity works within the solar system, and explored how the Earth's tilt created the seasons.

In Year 5, Saruna has been learning how 6 digit grid references are used to locate landmarks on maps.

Shasmeen in Year 4 Science has written a detailed food chain and explained the different names of the process.

In Year 4 Maths, Muhammad has been able to explain when someone would want to know the capacity or volume of something.

In Year 3, Kaiden has used descriptive language and varied conjunctions to explain how the body moves.

In Year 3, Faariha has showed her confidence at using column subtraction with 3 digit numbers.

In Year 2, Krystal has been working hard in Literacy to create an advert to persuade somebody to go to Bora Bora.

Inaaya in Year 2 has, in Numeracy, been using the inverse operation to balance two calculations.

In Year 1 Maths, Gonza was able to show 'o'clock' and 'half past' confidently on an analogue clock.

In Year 1, Gifty wrote a diary entry in Literacy using first person (as if she was the Lonely Beast).

Rickh in Year 1 secured his understanding of number bonds to 10 and has explained his reasoning.

In Year 1, in Science, Victoria was able to describe different types of trees and their features, using scientific vocabulary.

Daniel in Year 5 has explained how he converted decimals to fractions.

Ella, in Year 5, has identified the key features of a map and explained how the lines of longitude and latitude can be used.

In Year 5, Lauren has produced a balanced argument using cause and effect conjunctions.

Naomi and Bumena wrote their own potions for Emerald Class's (Year 4) book of spells, taking inspiration from 'The Worst Witch.'

Mateusz and Hafsa in Jasper Class (Year 4) wrote a persuasive letter to ask Burglar Bill to bring back their books, with inspiration taken from 'Burglar Bill.'

Elizabeth, in Year 3, learned how to describe the properties of 3D shapes and was able to describe where we see them in daily life.

In Year 3, David (in science) demonstrated his knowledge about the importance of a human skeleton.

In Year 2, Veronika has been using the inverse to check her answers when solving a word problem and has been able to complete this independently.

Saanvi in Year 2 has designed her own toy for Harrods, describing the materials that it would be made out of and explained how it works.

In Year 2, Hajera used her research to write a fact file on 'The History of Harrods'. Well done!

David S in Year 3 has created this unique 3-D model of Piccadilly Circus underground station.

Nicola in Year 2 has created a wonderful train for half term homework.

Albie in Year 1 created a Piccadilly line tube and track with stations, for his homework.

Mia in Year 4 has used her reasoning skills and explained in detail how she has solved a word problem.

Eliza in Year 4 has written a detailed account about the different issues that affected the Mayan civilization; including over-population, drought and warfare.

Saanvi, in Year 2, used her knowledge of times tables to comment on patterns of coins that could be used to make a certain amount.

Kimall, in Year 2, wrote a fantastic diary entry; using question marks, speech marks and exclamation marks!

Max in Year 1 was able to confidently use a number line to add digits to 20.

Kallum in Year 1 wrote a description and his findings from a sound investigation.

Ayaansh, Ellie, Ethan and Oliviare in Reception used their phonics knowledge to retell the story of Biscuit Bear.

In Nursery, Wiktoria was able to draw a picture of the Naughty Bus and to depict the wheels and windows.

Beau and Faith, in Nursery, were able to name and form the initial sound of their name.

This week in Nursery, Kalin was able to write her name from memory.

Krishi Adjala in Year 6 wrote a wonderful diary entry inspired by the characters in the book 'Pig-Heart Boy.'

Hashina Khan in Year 6 wrote an excellent balanced argument on animal testing.

Afiya Rasheem in Year 6 completed outstanding work in maths using her knowledge on ratio

This week Aarush was able to demonstrate and explain how to convert improper and mixed fractions.

In Year 5 Lauren, Tobi, Frasier, Michal and Ella created an informative poster to show the ways that plants reproduce.

In maths this week, Bailey applied his reasoning skills to compare different methods multiplying and could explain which was most efficient.

In Science, Bumena produced a very informative explanation about how each part of the digestive system works and why each is important in the digestion process.

In Year 3 Emily showed her understanding of 12 hour analogue time and 24 hour digital time

Tyler in Year 3 worked very hard to write a brilliant persuasive letter relating to our Power of Reading book, Charlotte's Web

David in Year 3 was fantastic in Geography at identifying human and physical features and presenting his ideas

This week in Year 2 Veronika read and retrieved information from a text about our Power of reading book, Beegu.

This week in Year 2 Edward learned about time and has been comparing and sequencing time.

Zackariyah in Year 1 wrote an autobiography using conjunctions and adjectives.

Victoria in Year 1 produced a piece of writing about how we use our senses.

Rebecca Crook in Year 6 wrote an outstanding balanced argument inspired by the events in the book 'Goodnight Mister Tom.'

Sarah Amuzu in Year 6 wrote a wonderful chronological report about the history of transplantation.

Maddy Hopkins in Year 6 wrote an exceptional diary entry inspired by the characters in the book 'Pig-heart boy.'

In literacy, Year 4 have been writing shape poems. Isaac has included many different poetic features such as simile, personification and rhyme.

Sidak in Year 4 has applied his knowledge and understanding of the four operations to answer word problems successfully.

In Year 3, Daniel demonstrated his understanding of using 12 hour analogue time and 24 hour digital time.

In Year 3, Rohyann wrote a non-chronological report about spiders, using varied prepositions and conjunctions.

In Year 2, Kane has written an amazing diary entry with fronted adverbials and dialogue.

In Year 2, Olly has tried very hard this week to read and draw the time to quarter intervals.

In Year 1, Kallum wrote a cultural story based on the Power of Reading book, 'Grace and family.'

In Year 1, in Maths, Zubair described the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and was able to explain the differences using accurate vocabulary.

In Year 1, in Humanities, Willow wrote about Florence Nightingale and her role in improving the nursing profession.

In Nursery, Kalin, Mollie and Ardra have been really busy writing their names from memory.

In literacy, Naomi wrote some very persuasive points against why Jemmy Button (from our Power of Reading book) should not leave England to return to his Island, Tiego del Fuego.

In maths, Dean in Year 4 has used his knowledge of rounding to estimate the answer to addition problems.

Charlie in Jasper class has shown depth when using his knowledge of place value to convert between different measures.

Nicole in Emerald class has accurately labelled Mexico and the surrounding countries using different resources, including an Atlas.

Emily produced a lovely piece of work in science, describing a flowering plant.

Maya in Year 3 has been really successful with reading the time from an analogue clock, and saying the time using key vocabulary.

Dominik in Year 1 demonstrated that he could recognise coins to 10p and he matched the coins to different values of money.

Farid in Year 1 used a solo sheet to help find the keywords to solve a word problem.

Chantelle in Year 1 wrote an outstanding letter to Santa including adjectives and conjunctions.

Senudi and Zuzanna in Nursery PM Class drew detailed pictures of their favourite character.

Analeise in Nursery AM Class was able to form recognisable letters.

Jake in Nursery AM Class was able to write his name from memory.

Ananya in Reception was able to read the simple caption 'zip up?' and respond to the question by writing her name in the correct column.

In reception, Ayaansh was able to write CVC words independently and Sufyan was able to read and write the words 'it', 'is' and 'a' without support.

Inas in Reception was able to order numbers to 10 and Anika was able to order numbers to 20. Jake was able to recognise numbers up to 20 on ICT and post the letter into the correct numbered door.

Shasmeen in Emerald Class has written a brochure to persuade people to visit the wonderful city of Paris.

Joshua in Jasper Class has been using his multiplication and division skills to convert measures.

Simdi in Year 3 wrote a very good opening to her own historical fiction story set in the Stone Age.

Justin in Year 3 showed excellent understanding of the grid method for multiplication.

Amanda in Year 3 wrote an excellent build up, dilemma and resolution to a historical fiction story.

Saruna in Year 5 investigated and described how different types of surfaces affect friction of rolling objects.

Matthew in Year 5 described physical and human features of Feltham.

Aminah in Year 5 used figurative language to write a narrative fiction.

Geenuli in Year 5 used different operations to solve multi-step word problems.

Minza in Year 2 wrote a fantastic Big Write this week, using fronted adverbials, conjunctions and a range of punctuation.

Thomas in Year 2 used great reasoning skills this week to explain why the answer to a problem was incorrect.

Elsie June in Year 4 has been able to confidently solve word problems while using her knowlegde of ordering and comparing fractions.

This week Leanne in Year 4 wrote a great explanation text all about how sound travels.

Emily in Lilac Class was able to explain her reasoning when doing column subtraction.

Chloe in Magenta Class has shown great depth and understanding when adding and subtracting fractions.

Krishi in Magenta CLass wrote an excellent informal letter for her Big Write inspired by our Power of Reading book 'Goodnight Mr Tom'.

Nikola in Jasper class has compared Italy and Norway and looked at the different crops that are grown in the countries. She has also looked at the different temperatures of the countries and where they are situated in Europe.

Yammi in Emerald class has shown her reasoning skills and demonstrated how to find the common denominator successfully.

Oliver in Sapphire Class was able to sort animals into the continents they live in and then he explained why polar bears are suited to living in the Arctic.

Zara in Ruby Class has been learning how to find key information in a multiplication problem and could explain what the missing information was and what operation she was going to use.

Evie in Ruby Class has been solving multiplication word problems using SOLO taxonomy. She used her knowledge of arrays to show her workings out.

Carla in Ruby Class has written a visual poem about London and has included exclamations and questions.

In Blue Class, Adam and Lilly were able to write a simple sentence, writing some words from memory. Ethan and Sophia were able to use their phonics sounds to represent dominant sounds in words.

In Red class, pupils used the book 'Stanely's Stick' to produce their writing. Maisie wrote:My stick is my friend. Elijah wrote:My stick is candy floss. Waqas:My stick is a rocket. Casey wrote:My stick is a wand.

Apoorv has successfully used his knowledge of factors and multiples this week to explain his understanding and justify his answers.

Aakif in Emerald Class used the structural features of a newspaper report, applying the 5ws (Who, When, What, Where, Why) in his introduction to really engage the reader.

Thisumi H. in Lilac Class was able to confidently show her knowledge of Roman Numerals and how they were used by the Romans.

Annan in Lilac Class wrote an exceptional instructional text on how to play a game in the Stone Age.

Georgina in Aqua Class was able to confidently solve addition number sentences using a number line.

Farid in Aqua Class was able to identify during Science lesson different animals by their diet using the terms carnivore, omnivore and herbivore.

Zayn Khan in Sapphire Class identified the features of an information text and explained the difference between a non-fiction and fiction text.

Samuel Clark in Sapphire Class used a number line to add digits up to 20. He also explained why we always start with the greater number when adding on a numberline.

Maddy in Coral Class has shown depth when explaining her understanding of the process of reducing a fraction to its simplest form and finding a fraction of an amount.

Rebecca D in Coral Class was able to confidently use a range of stylistic devices, as well as relative clauses and passive voice, when writing a fictional historical narrative inspired by our Power of Reading book ' Goodnight Mister Tom'.

Tendo in Coral Class was able to plan and complete a comparative test involving conductors and insulators.

Micaela in Ruby Class has been using her knowledge of arrays to prove which multiplication sentences were correct. Well done Micaela!

Krystal in Ruby Class has been identifying materials. She could select the most appropriate material and could explain the reasons for her choice using scientific vocabulary.

Krish in Ruby Class has written an introduction for the story 'Claude in the City'. He included descriptive language and has used apostrophes for possession. Well done!

Lily Anna in Saffron Class researched and presented the human and physical geography of Feltham.

Ria in Saffron Class planned her discussion text about whether school uniforms should be banned, using excellent for and against arguments.

Edward in Saffron Class is now confident with identifying and using multiples, factors and prime numbers.

Leo in Emerald Class has shown depth when using present perfect tense.

Nicole in Emerald Class secured her knowledge of ordering and comparing decimal numbers with up to 2 decimal places.

During Science, Isabel in Aqua Class was able to identify and name different animals.

Yuku in Sapphire Class was able to label the four countries within the United Kingdom.

In Numeracy, Daniel in Lilac Class worked really hard to add three digit numbers using the formal written method.

In Literacy, Zi He in Lilac Class identified imperative verbs in instructional texts.

Simdi in Lilac Class created fact files of different types of rocks in Science.

Amanda in Indigo Class wrote a lovely adventure story.

Tyler in Indigo Class has shown deep understanding while solving mathematical word problems involving rounding.

Simdi in Indigo Class has used her knowlegde to describe volcanoes as well as embedding her understanding of different aspects of volcanoes.

Emily in Lilac Class secured her knowledge in writing and reading numbers with up to 4 digits.

Tia in Lilac Class wrote an amazing adventure story and scored a 3.2 in her big write.

Nikola in Jasper Class and Prathoshan in Emerald Class have shown their knowledge about the water cycle and used fantastic scientific language to explain what happens during this process and why this is important.

Shasmeen in Emerald Class has written this lovely poem about the nasty sea monster scylla including a range of figurative language and emotive language.

Leanne in Jasper Class has been using the bus stop method to divide. She can explain her working and also readdress and correct her own errors.

Minza in Scarlet Class could confidently order events on a timeline using her knowledge and understanding of place value and also knew that the events needed to be in chronological order.

Adrianna in Ruby Class was able to change word pairs into a contraction using an apostrophe.

Hajera in Scarlet Class was able to confidently use her knowledge of place value to use partitioning to solve a subtraction number problem. She could then explain why it matters what order the number sentence is put in.

Alex in Ruby Class was able to use key scientific vocabulary when looking at a food chain. He explained and discussed how he knew what each part of the food chain was.

Daniel in Saffron Class deepened his understanding in rounding 4 digit numbers in the nearest 10, 100, 100, 10000.