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Year 1: Aqua and Sapphire

Year 1


In Year 1 this term, our focus book is ‘Nurse Clementine’ by Simon James. It is a wonderful story about a little girl who really wants to practise her first-aid skills, but her brother presents an unexpected challenge, which links to our Humanities studies on Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale.


In English, pupils will be learning about verbs and how to write in the past tense. Pupils will then write a short piece of text in the past all about Nurse Clementine’s actions in our focus book.


During our maths lessons, pupils will be learning about volume and capacity. Year 1 will be using a range of pictorial representations and different resources to help support our learning. Pupils will also learn about mass and weight by comparing, describing and solving lots of practical problems. Finally, they will also be learning about time by discovering the different language used in this topic and solving practical problems.


In science, pupils will be learning about the human body and identifying the basic parts of the body. Year 1 will be using their senses, identifying and exploring the different ways we can stay healthy.


In history, pupils will be looking at our significant individuals of the past, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. They will learn about their achievements and the difficulties they overcame. Pupils will be comparing medicine and treatments from the Crimean War to the medicines and treatments we receive today.


During PSHE, pupils will learn about what healthy means and who can help us stay healthy. They will also be learning how medicines can help people stay healthy.


In our computing lessons, pupils will learn what an algorithm is and then put their knowledge into practice, creating one of their own.

In Religious Education, pupils will be learning about Christianity and what pupils can find out about Jesus just from looking in a church.

PE will be every Wednesday afternoon, the children must wear the appropriate kit, details of which can be found in the Uniform Policy. Please ensure all items of uniform are labelled with your child’s name and class as well as water bottles and lunchboxes.


We look forward to an outstanding Spring term in Year 1.