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Year 5: Amber Citrine Saffron

Welcome back to Edward Pauling! We hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing and restful break. An exciting and fun-filled term awaits our Year 5’s as the school year comes to an end. We have so much to look forward to!


Through our Power of Reading book, “Floodland”, we will read about the fictional submerging of parts of Britain. We will use this text to understand how climate change can affect our planet and what measures we can take to prevent this.


In Literacy, we will focus on writing a biography, an explanation text and an information text. We will identify their features, and deepen our understanding by comparing them with different text types. Additionally, we will focus on using varied sentence structures to independently produce detailed and cohesive texts which will reflect audience, purpose and context.


In Numeracy, we will explore how to interpret data from a range of graphs (including timetables) using different contexts and units of measures. Furthermore, we will study the different ways to indicate position and direction and how we can use co-ordinates accurately. Through our investigations, we will deepen our learning by solving problems relevant to these areas.


In Humanities, we will research climate change and how the Earth has increased in temperature. More specifically, we will study the factors that cause global warming and how this can affect our planet. We will research how climate change can be prevented on a personal and small scale and explain the impact of climate change on our future. Finally, we will investigate organisations that prevent climate change.


In Science, we will study some famous and important inventors whose contributions changed the world. We will research James Dyson and Charles Babbage, men of great resilience, who invented two important machines - Dyson hoovers and the first calculator. We will also research three female inventors: Marie Curie, Ruth Benerito and Rosalind Franklin.



PE lessons will continue as usual every Wednesday afternoon, so it is essential for each pupil to bring their PE kits.


A reminder that homework will continue to go online every Wednesday and is to be completed by Monday.




Year 5 enjoyed a full-day workshop at Syon Park and they also explored the history and significance of the house too.

Saffron class researched using multiple secondary historical resources to compare the Indus Valley civilization and a significant aspect of the British history which we chose to be the Tudor times. We recorded our finding in a Venn Diagram.

Amber Class have been investigating ancient artefacts from the Indus Valley in Humanities.

In Year 5 we explored, researched and created timelines and posters about the Indus Valley civilization. ‚Äč