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After School Clubs 2022-2023

Henna Club w/b 10th July 2023

Henna Club 4/7/2023

Enrichment Club 3/7/2023 We celebrated summer with an old school traditional British summer dessert (from my childhood) Banana Splits. Pupils tried fruits they haven’t before and practised cutting skills.

Henna Club 26.6.2023

Enrichment Club 19.6.2023

Henna Club 19.6.2023

Henna Club 12.6.2023

Henna Club 22.5.2023

Henna Cub 15.5.2023

Cricket Club 12.5.2023

Cricket Club 5th May 2023

Henna Club 24.4.2023

Sewing Club 15.3.2023

Henna Club w/b 13.3.2023 Pupils went over a unique design and getting better in the pattern ​formation.

Henna Club w/b 6.3.2023

In Henna Club, pupils replicated their own version of henna pattern and started practising on their peers' hands.

In enrichment club, pupils drew and painted along to a tutorial to make an endangered sea turtle painting.

Henna Club

In Art Club this week, pupils made their own pumpkin collage.

In Enrichment Club this week, pupils carved pumpkins and to avoid waste, took the flesh and seeds how along with a soup recipe.

In Enrichment Club, we made spooky snacks. ​Pupils enjoyed smelling and tasting new things.

In Art Club this week, pupils created their own spiders using colouring markers and attached the string to make it move.

Art Club 10.10.2022

This week we played some board games. It was lovely to see friendships blossoming between pupils in different year groups. Games included chess, ‘Don’t say it’, ‘Ski Jump’ and headbands

Art Club w/b 3.10.2022

This week, pupils created their own comic book characters and strips. They developed characters first and then explored humorous storylines. Pupils showed fantastic creativity, story telling skills and sense of humour.​