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Quiz Night!

On Friday 24th March, we hosted a Quiz Night for parents, carers and staff members as one of the School Council's chosen fundraising events. Thank you to all those in the eight teams that participated - Hot Mums, Mummzies 3, Psycho Llamas, Take That Out of Your Mouth, Quizzy Rascals, Mrs Evans Made Us Come, The Clangers and 3 Putts for Bogey. Great fun was had by all with Mr Chambers acting as compere for the evening!

We would like to thank Mrs Evans for organising this event with the School Councillors and the School Councillors for setting one round of questions all about our school, some of which proved tricky for the teams to answer.

At the end of the evening, prizes were awarded as follows:

Team with the lowest score and winning hand made certificates from the School Council and a prize from the Treasure Chest - Hot Mums.

Team with the best/funniest name and winning some sweets - Psycho Llamas.

Team with the highest score and winning a bottle each - 3 Putts for Bogey.

We also got the chance to meet baby Eira, Miss Donnelly's and Mr Duffy's new addition.